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The classical Civilization of Rome experienced many cultural and political changes as well as continuities from 100-600 C.E. The bisection of the Roman Empire into western and eastern divisions during this classical era was the most prominent political change this civilization experienced. Before, during, and after the separation of Rome, Christianity was a fixture in Roman culture but it drastically evolved during the Classical period. Although the Roman Empire or Empires evolved greatly within the 500 years discussed here, a constant was the role of Emperors and their actions, which drastically affected many aspects of Roman society.

The political change of the rupture of Rome into two separate empires in 284 C.E, broke down the powerful structure of a united society. Because of the separation, the western half of the empire fell to nomadic invaders. The eastern side, however, evolved into the Byzantine Empire and lasted well past 6000 C.E. As well as many other aspects of the culture that split when Rome divided, Christianity separated into two parts. The western half, before its fall, adopted Catholicism while the eastern half adopted Orthodox Christianity.

Along with Christianity being split with the separation of Rome, Christianity itself experienced many changes of its own. Before the Classical era, it was not uncommon for Christians to be persecuted. During this period, however, Christianity evolved and in turn began appealing to many Romans. With the appeal to the general civilization, Christianity spread and developed in the Roman Empire with a variety of divergent practices and beliefs. By the 3rd Century C.E., Christianity had become the most dynamic and influential faith in Rome, as well as in the Mediterranean.

The changes in Christianity and the division of Rome could not have developed without the powerful continuity of the emperors who governed Rome. With the Rise of Christianity, the emperors controlled how the society of Rome would...
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