Classification: Types of Computers

Topics: Personal computer, Computer, Desktop computer Pages: 3 (495 words) Published: October 15, 2011
Three classifications of computers are home computers, portable computers, and business

computers. There are a lot of ways to describe computers. They imply the size, expected use or

capability of the computer, speed, and how much storage capability is there. Computers can

apply to virtually any device that has a central processing unit in it. People think of a computer

as a device that receives input through the internet, process it through a motherboard and

displays the results on a screen. Computers can be divided into three types according to the

purpose they are used for and their capabilities.

The most familiar type is the personal computer. It is designed for general use by a

single person or family. This is the PC that will be in the home, or small office. These

computers run on a Windows operating system. The expectation with the desktop systems is that

you will set up the computer in a permanent location. Most desktops offer more power, storage
and versatility for less cost than the portable laptop. On the other hand, the laptops - also called

notebooks - are portable computers that combine the display, keyboard, a mouse or pointing

device, processor, memory and hard drive. These laptops are becoming more popular, because

of their portability. The laptop also runs on a battery and is a little bigger than a text book. Some

laptops are very heavy, and some laptops are light.

A computer can also be used as a server. For this, it needs to be optimized to provide

services to other computers over a network. Servers usually have powerful central processing

units, lots of memory and large hard drives. Servers also have the capacity to store data related to

the company. If there is an Internet connection, a server also enables the company workers to

observe who is visiting their pages from which server. This helps develop businesses with

computers or terminals...
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