Clothes Can Tell a Lot About a Person

Topics: Humans, Clothing, Human Pages: 1 (429 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Nowadays, people are more and more concerned about their appearances, especially fashion or clothes. People think that clothes can indicate characteristics of a person. Although we shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover”, the way you look is the most important aspect of your perception. (thesis statement) Have you ever realized how much your clothes have an influence on how you are seen by people for the first time? Every time you go out, you are sending a message by the clothes that you chose to wear. People can create an opinion about you based on first impression, for example when you get to know a new person and you are wearing simple clothing and neutral colors it could mean that you are a simple, quiet. Wearing lots of bold colors and crazy prints could send the message that you are kind of wild and like to have fun. In other point of view, your appearance might shows to which subculture or religious you belong to. Let’s take a punks for instance: they usually have ripped clothes, ankle boots, army surplus boots. Colours are varied but there's not many strong colors, mostly faded tonations and gray. A lot of piercings and murky tattoos are also their recognition sign. They are often known as atheist or even satanists. In comparison, a hippies are completely different: they have a long flowing dresses, loose colorful clothes and handmade jewellery. They were also extended slogans like “Make peace, not war” so they want to live in peaceful, friendly way. Finally, by the clothes you wear you can communicate people about your social and material position. If you see a man in suit and tie or a woman in two-piece dress you may evaluate that these humans probably work in office, maybe they are a business or white-collar people. In similar way we may estimate a material status . For example brand clothes like DG, Adidas, or Dior may show that we have a lot of money and we afford to buy a designer clothes. On the other hand, when we see that somebody has a worn,...
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