Clothes Makes a Person

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Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man.” It is a truth recognized throughout history that what you wear determines what people think of you. Cloths make the person, because if reflects profession and social status of people. Clothes also reflect peoples values and beliefs. By dressing the way you want, clothes can help a person express his or her personality and create a unique personal image.

What you wear determines what people think of you. Many people express their identity through clothes and social images. Each clothing style is categorized in different ways. Take a music artist, such as Eminem for example, he influenced many younger children to take up “his” fashion trend. He dresses in ridiculously loose-fitting jeans that sag to reveal the tops of his underwear, wears oversized T-shirts, and wears his hats to the side. Not only children, but also adults who idolize Eminem, change their appearance to act like him. The problem is that, in most cases people change their clothing style so that they can meet others standards.

One day while walking around at the Birch Run Outlet Mall I had

a tendency of judging people on what they were wearing or what article of clothing they were thinking about purchasing. When your at a mall, there are many people that wear several different brands of clothing. When I was going into the ADIDAS store, I noticed a family that was decked out in Red Wings sweats, they had a red wings T-shirt on under their Red Wings warm-up jacket and also sweat pants. I immediately judged them as hardcore Red Wings fans and like to watch sports. Next, I happened to go into the Coach store and there was a mother and a daughter dressed extremely high-class. When I see a person dressed up this much a few thoughts come to mind. I immediately categorized them as rich, well educated, care about themselves, and hardworking. Another clothing style that I judged was a young gentleman in his high schools basketball warm-ups. By...
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