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Essay “piece of clothing that was important to me”

At the tender age of 13 I enrolled into an Organization as extra curricula activity. This Organization was named The National Youth Orchestra. Within this place I played an instrument called steel pan in more details I played the Double Second. Easily grasp the music and gained more interest as time went by and as an extra credit apart from learning how to play new songs on a weekly basis, we had organized concerts, entertainment on the roadside’s, charity’s and traveling to neighboring Islands for competitions and festivities., which included us wearing national attire’s or uniforms which descript the genre of the songs. This particular attire I could never forget, for it itched my body with every twist or turn and made me uncomfortable while playing the instrument or even just standing in a line. I didn’t like this at all, so I complained to my mother who disregarding my feelings and was only focusing on the outside of the garment. I even took a step further to the director in charged who also payed my complaint no mind and thought she knew what was best for the band, the songs being played and myself as a whole. Furious to get my point across I told the director not to expect me wearing that garment again as I expressed my dislike. She looked at me with dismay and said “Ms Mack, if you do not wear the correct uniform required per song I will be forced to shorten your trip and return you back home”. Quickly thinking to myself should I miss on enjoying this trip? Or find another solution to my problem? I didn’t respond to the director but nodded my head and briskly walked away. Pondering to myself what to do with this God awful uniform that no matter how I stood it would itch and let me lose focus on playing the songs when on stage because my focus was on scratching my body. This uniform was made form “Crocus bag” as people would call it in Antigua. It is what potatoes, white flour and...
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