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“School Uniforms”
School uniforms are a set of standardized clothes worn primarily for an educational purpose. Uniforms can range from formal to informal. The most popular uniforms include khakis and polo shirts of varying colors. Wearing school uniforms can reduce issues related to students wearing inappropriate clothing. Students are less likely to be ridiculed by others due to the kind of clothes they wear. Uniforms are cost effective and are less expensive than street clothes and wearing uniforms are a positive way to bridge the gap between social classes. We live in a society where appearance is everything which makes kids feel pressured to fit in and dress a certain way. Money plays a big part in the clothing students wear. Not all styles are affordable to everyone. Some students are criticized because they cannot afford the “name brand” clothes. This makes parents feel pressured to purchase the popular and more expensive clothing just so there kids “fit in.” Some students may even feel the need to steal to get the “in” clothes. The average cost of a year’s worth of school uniforms is approximately $200 which is a lot less than name brand clothing. Uniforms can help reduce peer bullying and criticism, since all students are wearing the same thing. It also reduces stress and conflict to look a certain way. The great thing about uniforms are they can be worn for more than one year (if they still fit), making them even more cost effective and less expensive than regular clothes. There are many styles of clothes, some that are appropriate to wear to school and others that are not. Students are influenced by the clothing styles they see on television as well as the styles worn by their mentors and idols. Violence and stereo-typing are big concerns for schools. Clothes play a factor in what people who are part of a gang wear. These gang members wear specific clothing to identify themselves and express their power as well as separate them from...
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