Clothing Personality

Topics: Clothing, T-shirt, Tracksuit Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Clothing personality

Everyone knows that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but people still do so. In our society, that “cover” is clothing, and other people are looking at it to gauge an impression of who we are. Our clothes say about us far more than we think. Clothes can affect our mood and how we face the day. Before we choose our outfit for the day, we should think about how we want other people to see us and interpret our personality. I would like to give some examples of the common clothing personalities, and what they say about the wearer. The Sloppy dresser’s clothes are stained or mismatched. Sloppy clothing sends the message that person doesn't really care about his appearance, his job, his future or otherwise. The Designer Dresser is obsessed by brand clothes. Every item on his body is brand name. People may take this to mean he’s successful and choosy, but they may think he’s overly materialistic and desperately trying to fit in via his clothing. The Flashy Dresser likes to be flashy. Perhaps it's a fun pair of shoes, a stylish tie or a bright fancy handbag. Flashy dresser often shows others that he’s looking to be set apart from the crowd and has a desire to show his personality and get noticed. The Drab Dresser can be an indication that he’s trying to blend in with the crowd and doesn't want a lot of extra attention. The Athletic Dresser wears sweats and running shoes whether he’s heading to the gym or not. In my mind, athletic dresser can easily be mistaken for sloppy dresser, particularly when sweats are involved. Lots of black and maybe a studded collar are often features of Goth dresser. While this look may tell some people that he’s expressing his personality, many may see he is depressed, angry, insecure, and unapproachable. The Casual Dresser is who never puts on anything but jeans and a t-shirt. Fine for a weekend at home, but over time this look can make him appears one-sided. However, in reality most people are a...
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