Clothing Retailing - UK - October 2014

Topics: Marketing, Clothing, Macroeconomics Pages: 4 (670 words) Published: November 4, 2014
As consumers increasingly want more regularly updated clothes, it is becoming more important for retailers to find improved ways of dealing with the challenges of getting clothes to market at an ever quicker pace. To Read Complete Report with Toc:

Table of Content

Data sources
Sales per store, sales per sq m

Executive Summary
The market
Figure 1: Best - and worst - case forecast for consumer spending on clothing and accessories (incl. VAT), 2009-19 Market factors
Companies, brands and innovation
Figure 2: Estimated distribution of consumer spending on clothing, by value, 2013 and 2014 Figure 3: Attitudes towards and usage of brands in the clothing retail sector, August 2014 The consumer
Where consumers buy
Figure 4: Retailers from which clothes are bought in-store and online, July 2014 How people shop for clothes
Figure 5: How consumers shop and buy clothes for themselves, July 2014

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Reasons for shopping at a particular retailer
Figure 6: Reasons for shopping at a particular retailer, July 2014 The consumer – improving the shopping experience
Figure 7: What would improve the shopping experience, July 2014 The consumer – what would encourage them to buy more online Figure 8: Factors that would encourage consumers to buy more clothes online, July 2014 What we think

Issues and Insights
How has the clothing sector performed in 2014?
The facts
The implications
Who are the winners and losers in clothing?
The facts
The implications
What are the main changes in shopping behaviour?
The facts
The implications
How can retailers improve the shopping experience for customers? The facts
The implications

Trend Application
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