Clothing Technology

Topics: Wool, Knitting, Yarn Pages: 33 (6691 words) Published: August 11, 2013
H. Eberle H. Hermeling

M. Hornberger R. Kilgus

R. Kupke D. Menzer

A. Moll W. Ring

Clothing Technology
....from fibre to fashion
Fifth Edition

VERLAG EUROPA-LEHRMITTEL · Nourney, Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG Düsselberger Straße 23 · 42781 Haan-Gruiten Europa-Nr. 62218

Authors: Hannelore Eberle Hermann Hermeling Marianne Hornberger Renate Kupke Dieter Menzer Andrea Moll Werner Ring Director of Studies Dipl.-Ing (FH), Principal Diplom-Modellistin, Lecturer Senior Lecturer Dipl.-Ing (FH) Instructor Dipl.-Ing (FH), Director of Studies Ravensburg Frankfurt Munich Stuttgart Nussloch Darmstadt Metzingen

Editor and Team Leader: Roland Kilgus, Principal, Neckartenzlingen Fashion Drawings: Studio Salo-Döllel, Aufkirchen bei Erding Picture Processing: Design Department, Verlag Europa-Lehrmittel, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

This book was produced according to the latest German Industrial Standards (DIN-Blätter). Conformance is strictly limited to the DIN-Blätter. The DIN-Blätter are published by: Beuth-Verlag GmbH, Burggrafenstrasse 6, 10787 Berlin.

Ninth German Edition 2007 Print 5 4 3 2 1 All prints of the same edition are interchangeable, excepting correction of printing errors. Fifth English Edition 2008 Translation: Cotton Technology International, 27 Winnington Road, Marple, Stockport SK6 6PD, England

ISBN 978-3-8085-6225-3

All rights reserved. This work is subject to copyright. Utilisation for any purpose other than those legally permitted must be approved by the publisher in writing. © 2008 Verlag Europa-Lehrmittel, Nourney, Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG, D-42781 Haan-Gruiten Cover design: Grafic & Sound, Klaus Gierden, D-50679 Köln, after an illustration by Barbara Spannagel, D-72768 Reutlingen Setting & layout: Satz+Layout Werkstatt Kluth GmbH, D-50374 Erftstadt Printing: B.o.s.s. Druck und Medien GmbH, D-47574 Goch


9th German Edition

This is a vocational book, directed primarily at students of the clothing industry: cutting, sewing, and assembly for fashion and mass markets. However, it will also be found useful in courses for managers and technologists, and as a general reference work. A key feature of the book is its concise and compact design – a prerequisite for summarising such a wide range of material in a single volume. Each page is complete in itself. Particular emphasis has been laid on providing a simple layout and straightforward language, which students will find easy to grasp. Numerous colour diagrams are an effective aid to the comprehension of some of the more difficult topics. These coloured illustrations are a particularly useful feature of the chapters on Fabric Descriptions and the History of Clothing. The book is organised largely according to the different technological sectors, but teaching requirements have also been kept in mind. There are eleven chapters: Fibres, Yarns, Fabrics, Textile Finishing, Fabric Descriptions, Leather and Fur, Clothing Manufacture, Organisation of Clothing Manufacture, Product Design, Product Groups, History of Clothing. The arrangement of topics conforms to the educational guidelines and the current curricula for courses in vocational technology in the German Federal States. An important objective of this publication was to present the extensive body of knowledge as a coherent whole. At all stages, account is taken of the latest scientific findings and the practical experience of the industry, as well as any relevant DIN standards. Improvements for the 9th Edition: The sections on Textile Aftercare, Functional Clothing, Ecology, Seam Types, Health & Safety, and Fusing have been rewritten or extended according to the latest technical developments. Many illustrations have been enhanced by the use of colour or changed to reflect current fashion trends. We would like to give special thanks to the companies and associations listed on page 304 for their assistance in the clarification...
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