Communication Breakdown

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Luu Thi Minh Thy
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Communication Breakdown
Communication methods are more and more modern. Although modern communication is convenient, it also brings many risks to everyone. In “Communication Breakdown” written by Wanda Wright in 2011, she talks about some problems of changing communication. This essay will critically respond to two of the author’s ideas.

Two of the author’s issues will be analyzed. First of all, the article asserts that brief communication is meaningless. Many people depend on technologies to communicate with other people instead of writing long, meaningful letters. Another problem is that modern communication hinders many young people spoken skills and interactions. Using simple conversation by texting and social media is really harmful to their social skills.

There are several problems with the writer’s idea that short correspondence is senseless. Many people use modern communication but they still keep skills to write long and meaning paragraphs. For example, secretaries use many modern technologies and usually write short paragraphs but they can write long and meaningful paragraphs when needed. As a consequence, brief communication does not impact negatively to write meaningful sentences.

The author makes a good point when she states that some types of communication impact social skills. Many people lose their skills because they use texting and social media too much. To illustrate, some people usually use mobile phone to make communication, so they are not confident to stand in front of many people after a long time without talking face-to-face conversation. They feel scared and mumble to talk. Spoken and social skills might be declined a result of developed technologies.

This essay has critically responded to the article “Communication breakdown”. The first argument that brief communication has no meaning is weak. In addition, the second problem that modern communication hinders young people verbal and...
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