Communication in Context

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1. As a visual communication major, it is evident that mass communication methods are utilized almost exclusively to fulfill the desired outcomes of graphic design. Generally speaking, design is produced for the public to encourage a purchase, life-style change, and informational awareness. While this can surely be done in all other contexts of communication, graphic design aims to reach the most people possible with little interpersonal communication. Although the designer wishes to speak to as many people as possible, and at times to a specific group, the designer remains hidden behind the message and style of the design piece. In visual communication, the design itself speaks to the public and is viewed and interpreted through each individual receivers' lens.

2. As mentioned above, graphic design reaches the public through mass communication. As a designer, however, communication is used in varying contexts. When working with a client, designers utilize interpersonal communication to effectively understand the goals, and nuances of the client and their product/business. Designers often collaborate using group communication within a design studio to produce the most effective final design. Additionally, designers use interpersonal communication in every part of the design process by applying their learned skill sets, second-guessing and altering their approach, and following an instinctive voice.

3. Communication is constant- There is no point in the graphic design process where communication ceases. Even if at a certain point, a design remains unseen by the public, it still contains a message with the intent of being received. In this instance we can compare unseen design to a voicemail that a receiver has not yet listened to. Although the receiver has not heard what was communicated, communication still exists between the sender and receiver.

Communication is transactional- Each person who comes in contact with a design will...
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