Comparison and Contrast Outline

Topics: Clothing, Textile, Fashion Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Outline of Franchise house and boutique
As society advances amazingly, people’s demand for cloths have become increasing diversified. Compare with the past, most of people are no longer care about what brand of cloths is, and instead by price and if fashion or not. When I was in china, basically I am seldom to go shopping at franchise house, because I think the price of cloths in here always expensive only if they are on sale; also, when you walk on the street, you may find a lot of people wore the same cloth. To my honest, I don’t like wore same to other peoples. On the contrary, when I go to a boutique every time, I found many clothes just only one and I can bargain with seller that I can get lower price from here. No matter you is a man or woman, if you prefer to uniqueness cloths and inexpensive price, go shopping to boutique is your best choice and abandon go to franchise house. I would like to make compare and analysis of shopping at boutique and franchise house in three aspects: price variance, Clothes Style and quality guarantee

1. Price variance
1) Boutique: Price flexibility. No tax
Franchise house: Prices are fixed, always have tax.
2) Boutique: original price are usually reasonable
Franchise house: origin price are usually expensive
3) Boutique: You can bargain and get lower price.
Franchise house: No bargain, always origin price, if you want low price on something you like, you may waiting long time until there have discount. 2. Clothes Style
1) Boutique: Always keep abreast with the times and new fashion Franchise house: Clothing Style update slow and old-fashioned

2) Boutique: you may get special one you really like and only one piece in the world Franchise house: You may see a lot of people wear the same clothes to you, nothing special.

3. Clothes Quality guarantee
Both Franchise house and Boutique: Most of clothes no quality question, but sometimes have litter problem....
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