Con School Uniform

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Con school uniforms

School uniforms are a highly discussed topic, that will probably not go away, but we hope we can enlighten you, why having school uniforms are a bad decision.

Uniforms diminish from a child’s individuality, they have little chance to express themselves which could lead to less alluring ways of expression such as tattoos and piercings. A child needs to feel unique, special in their own way, schools should be a place where individuality is celebrated.

The cost of uniforms are expensive, many schools have several other uniforms such as everyday uniforms, formal attire, and P.E. uniforms. These articles of clothing would either be bought in sets or need to be washed daily, in either case, they both conclude in spending a lot of money, with all that information in mind school uniforms could vary 250 to 300 dollars per set. This is a financial burden for poor families especially if they have more than one child attending that school. Students also need to buy street clothes for the weekend, that is even more money spent on clothes. School uniforms cannot be bought at a local retail stores, the family would have to drive to a store that sells uniforms for that school. talked to moms about wether they are for or against school uniforms. Eduarda Schroeder, mother of two daughters from Chandler, Arizona: "Uniforms can be a financial burden for poor families because they are an additional expense for parents who pay taxes for a free public education. I am more in favor of a dress code." As Eduarda mentioned a dress code could be used, so children would not get distracted in class.

School uniforms do not stop bullying, bullies are smart they will find another way to torment a peer, bullies can also comment on race, color, religion, technology, hair, facial appearences, weight, personality, hygiene, intelligence, and disabilities.
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