Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Southeast Asia, Brand, Clothing Pages: 16 (4473 words) Published: December 12, 2010

Tan Xin Ying Shauna
Nanyang Girls’ High School
Mentor: A/P Teofilo C Daquila, Southeast Asian Studies Programme, NUS Teacher Supervisor: Ms Ong Lee Hua


Fashion. To many young female Singaporeans like myself, fashion is a form of identity. It is a huge part of our lives that determines the crowd in which we belong in and the various stereotypes in which we receive. Fashion, specifically clothing and apparel, is highly diversified into different styles and categories, which has become highly versatile and influenced by many environmental factors. I believe that through this study of consumer behaviour of a sampling of young female Singaporeans with regards to the fashion industry, specifically clothing and apparel, it is possible to identify the core factors that affect the fashion tastes and consumer behaviour of female Singaporean youth today. Through this study, predictions of emergent trends can also be made based on the current consumer behaviour of young female Singaporeans. Other issues and factors that have seen to affect the consumer behaviour of female Singaporean youth as identified from past research, including Westernisation, will also be addressed, considering clearly the impact that these factors make on the consumer behaviour of young female Singaporeans relating to the clothing and apparel industry. In order to achieve these goals, a review of literature would be necessary to better understand the current situation and trends. A qualitative and quantitative survey will then be given out to a sampling of young female Singaporeans to find out the answer to these doubts and questions.


In today’s modern society, youth get to make their own decisions when it comes to fashion, no longer is it that parents choose the types of clothes that young Singaporeans will wear. This has led to the major role that youth play in the consumer behaviour of the fashion industry in Singapore. The increasing effect that young Singaporeans on the clothes and apparel industry in particular is astonishing. In a survey conducted by The Straits Times 31 July 1995, it was discovered that the most popular jeans among Singaporean youth were not the high priced designer jeans of international brand and label, but the low-end Giordano jeans made in Hong Kong. However, with the advancement of technology and financial status, the consumer behaviour of young Singaporeans with regards to clothing and apparel may have differed and these past studies may no longer be relevant. Through this study, we would be able to determine the factors that affect the consumer behaviour and patterns of young Singaporeans today and hence identify future trends, to stimulate and facilitate economic growth in the fashion industry.

For this particular study, I have chosen to study young female Singaporeans. This allows me to focus in more detail on the factors that truly affect their decision and choices in clothing and apparel. The female youths surveyed refer to adolescents aged 13-16 from various schools, in order to get accurate results of all social groups of female youth, not just youth from mainstream or elite schools respectively.

This study also aims to find out what are the factors are that cause young female Singaporeans to favour certain brands or labels over others, how young female Singaporeans choose the trends that they follow, why certain types of clothing and apparel are more popular among young Singaporeans in today’s society, how Westernisation has influenced the behaviour of female youth in Singapore and some emergent trends that we can predict based on their behaviour.

This study hinges on the following hypotheses:

1) The design of clothes is the most important factor that causes young female Singaporeans to favour certain brands and labels. 2) Young female Singaporeans choose the types of clothing that they...

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