Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Clothing Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Derick Pillaga 7-346 Writing January 9, 2013
School Uniforms
Should students wear uniforms to school?
Uniform is an issue that many of our fellow country wide students are facing. Many students don’t want to wear uniform, but others are saying that they are comfortable wearing uniform and that every school should have a type of uniform. There are two sides to this conflict, a pro and the con although there are more pros than cons; the cons usually are a bigger argument. Uniforms could stop students from expressing themselves. Having a boring everyday style, students might drift off into another mind and think differently and do different things. They might start acting all mad, get into gangs, or it might even lead up to drinking, smoking and even drug use. An article found on the internet supports this statement, ( At (¶ 7, line # 9-12) it clearly states, “...the researchers found that student uniforms had no positive statistical correlation with absenteeism, drug use, attitudes toward school, or student achievement. Strikingly, the authors found only one statistically significant correlation – a negative effect on student achievement by tenth graders forced to wear uniforms.” Having a unique style being taken away could affect the minds of students. Students shouldn’t be denied the right to expressing themselves because it’s their unique way to show others who they are. Have you seen school uniform these days, not only that they have no style, they are so uncomfortable. Many students will complain how these clothes are uncomfortable and not only that, they are very distracting and make it hard to concentrate during classes. Most of them aren’t suited for the seasons like a sweater in summer. Michelle Kouzmine contributes to the two sides on this conflict on her articles, “The Arguments against School Uniforms: Cons to Wearing School Uniforms” and, “The Pros of...
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