Topics: Middle Ages, Crusades, First Crusade Pages: 1 (133 words) Published: January 7, 2015
Tamera Rami
Period 6

The title for my poster was “Free Our Holy Land and our prize will surely be grand.” I also photo shopped a picture of Pope Urban II holding a bag of money. I used this as my title and used that picture because one reason people joined the Crusades, was because they had the expectations of receiving money and land. Another image I had on my poster was the stairway to heaven. During the recruitment for the Crusades, Pope Urban said remissions of sins will be granted for those who join the Crusades, so to the people of Medieval Europe, it was basically a guaranteed pass to heaven. Lastly, I put the “Adventure Time” logo on my poster because another reason people joined the Crusades was for adventure/thrill seeking.
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