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The Start of a Holy War
Reaching the
Today marks the start of the holy war
started by pope urban II all three
units have joined at the check point
of Constantinople in April of 1096.
Over 60,000 people in total within
these people are knights, surfs
[women and children included] noble
men, and monks all standing outside
the doors of Constantinople. The
emperor invited only the principle
commanders of the crusade, Duke
Godfrey, Baldwin Godfrey, and
Jeffrey Baldwin of Toront. I feel like
emperor Alexies seem furious I don’t
think he was expecting a catholic
army as big as we are, if anything I
feel he only wanted an elite team of
mercenaries. But he couldn’t afford
to offend us if he did where are large
enough of launch a full scale attack
on the entire city of Constantinople,
but even at that, we were low on
provisions and needed food fast. The
march to here had deteriorated close
to all of our food.

In Other News
Dick Butt

Still Alexies still ran the risk of losing all of the surrounding land of his empire to catholic control. But I over herd one of the emperor’s servants’ talking about an agreement where the emperor provides everything we will need for the conquest but in return we return all the land to the Byzantine empire. It doesn’t seem like we have much of an option in the current state we’re in.

Why Pope Urban II began
the crusade

Why the knights where

What Pope Urban II was
trying to accomplish with the
crusades was, the same thing
almost every other pope
before him tried to
accomplish, to gain more
political power, and the
opportunity came to him once
he received a letter from his
rival church, the eastern
Orthodox Church. They asked for nothing less than an
elite team of men to help protect themselves and the
holy land. That gave pope Urban II the opportunity he
needed to be able to expand...
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