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Topics: Clothing, T-shirt, High school Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: October 18, 2011
My roommate once told me that she could recognize Asians from different countries by just looking at them. I do agree with her. I think even though Chinese Korean and Japanese are all Asians, there are a lot of differences between their appearances. These differences not only caused by original looking, but also their clothes due to different cultural backgrounds.

After I came to America where there are people coming from all over the world, I did realize that people from different country wear so different clothes.

I think Americans don’t pay much attention on what they wear in daily life. The most common style is T-shirt and jeans. T-shirts are of simple style: monochromatic and with some words on them. I do feel surprised to see that people around me love to wear those clothes on which there is “University of Illinois”. Another interesting phenomenon is that they wear free T-shirt which they get from activities. So I think the T-shirt in US is more than a kind of clothes, it is used to reflect the spirit. For example, though people wear simple and not good looking T-shirts with school’s name on it, what they want to show is that they are proud of being a student in this school.

Chinese clothes are good looking. In stead of wear t-shirts with words, we prefer to wear clothes with beautiful patterns on them. A brand which is very popular in my high school called Teenie Weenie, the classic figure of which is a bear. So it always produces T-shirts with a very lovely teddy bear in the front. Besides, the t-shirts we wear in high school are of brilliant color. Also, the material varies. Clothes we wear in daily life can be made out of cotton, chiffon and so on.

People in other countries also have many special characteristics on wearing. For example people come from Afghan use cloth to cover their hair.

As a result, though it is said that we had better pay attention to others’ inner characters than appearances, we really can get a lot of information by...
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