Dark Ages

Topics: Middle Ages, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire Pages: 3 (1112 words) Published: September 3, 2013
The period after the fall of the Roman Empire has gone by many names. It has been called “The Dark Ages,” “The Age of Feudalism,” “The Age of Faith,” and a Golden Age. The Middle Ages began around the time that the Roman Empire fell. The Roman Empire had been declining over time due to Military, Political, Economic, and Social issues. The fall of the Roman Empire brought many changes to Western Europe. Society regressed and forgot the achievements and discoveries that were made in the past. However, it was not completely dark. The Catholic Church rose to power during this period. Also, some cultural achievements were still made. This period is still widely referred to by Historians as “The Dark Ages,” and not for incorrect reasons. Another name that is rightfully used to describe this period is “The Age of Feudalism” as Feudalism became the structure of society.

The period from 500-1400 is commonly referred to as the Dark Ages, as this was a time of bloodshed, savagery, and regression in Western Europe. Primarily, [As seen in Document 1] this was a time of brutality in Western Europe. Frequent invasions brought barbarians who ravaged the land, took what they pleased and left towns and villages in ruin. Brutal Scandinavian seamen, called Vikings, also emerged during this time period. [As Seen in Document 3] Vikings would raid cities, slaughter all that resisted, and steal all the treasure. Many villages would pay the Vikings not to attack them. Also, There was no significant economic progress in this time. Trade with foreign lands ceased and so much gold was being given to the Vikings, that currency eventually disappeared from Western Europe, and the people regressed back to the barter system. It was not until the High Middle Ages began, around 1000 BCE, when significant economic advancements began. New business methods emerged like partnerships, Bills of Exchange, and insurance. These practices increased economic growth however it was a long time v=before they...
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