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If there was ever an absolute scam, this is it. Billions of people around the world have been brainwashed into believing that brand names equate to better quality and ‘cool factor’. While this may be the case in some instances, it is not the norm.

Whether it be sunglasses, watches, hats, handbags, pants, jackets, shoes, or any other material possession, much of the world is not happy unless they have an item made by their favorite designer. The problem is that designers charge insane amounts of money for products that often cost them about the same amount as it costs mosts of the markets to make their products. The difference is that they claim their name and minimum amount of labour is used to make hundreds, sometimes thousands of shillings extra.

The brainwashing goes even further when people insist that they need to buy new clothes each season to keep up with the changing fashion. High end clothing companies and designers would have you believe that you are not cool unless you pay them very high amounts of your hard earned money four times a year to keep up with the ‘in crowd.’ What a creative way to suck consumers dry.

The cost of creating those things has nothing to do with the price, it is all about who else is wearing them, who designed them and who is selling them.It’s not about price, it’s about competing with everyone around you. And for what? To look the best?
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