Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Blob T-Shirts.
1. Introduction & summary of the business
Blob T-Shirts is an on-line business selling T-shirts with original designs created by Andy Walsh. Blob is a brightly coloured, humorous character with comical expressions aimed at a fun loving audience. The t-shirts are only available to purchase from an on-line store.

2. Company Objectives:
Overall goal: To establish Blob as a brand name by selling t-shirts with various Blob characters printed on the front. Having established a following for the brand, it is hoped that further merchandise will follow, for instance, mugs, key-rings or pencil cases. Also a rollout of more designs and new t-shirt ideas. The brand should be developed to compete with all varieties of t-shirt that are currently available online.

Goals of digital marketing strategy:
Build awareness
Build trust
Build brand awareness
Create opportunities
Generate leads
Increase visitors to website
Increase customers
Make our Social Media Platforms a fun and cool place to be
Stand out from all competitors by developing a fresh and ever evolving approach to content posted online Make the customer feel they have an input in the brand and are not just viewed as a source of profit

Set Key Performance Indicators for digital marketing strategy: In 12 months’ time:
Get 1000 likes on Facebook
Have 1000 followers on Twitter
Increase website visitor conversion rate by 10%

3. Overview of target customers
Customers looking for an unusual t-shirt design;
People shopping for unusual gifts;
Fun loving individuals looking for clothes that show their humorous side; Parents looking for a present for their teenage children;

4. List of competitors

5. List of companies whose progress I’m benchmarking (companies I’d aspire to being as successful as) Hairy Baby T-Shirts
Mr Tee T-Shirts
Road kill T-Shirts
T-Shirt Hell
Thread less

6. Blob T-Shirts Brand Overview

Top of mind: What is the first thing I want people to think when they are introduced to my business? This business is a modern and efficient e-commerce business, supplying unusual t-shirts designed by our in-house artist Andy Walsh. Attribute: What the brand does / has – how can we connect emotionally with our customers? This business provides t-shirts with a very light-hearted and funny theme and will appeal to people wishing to wear clothing that show this fun side of their personality. The brand also provides a platform for artists like Andy to showcase their talents. The website advertises the fact that the designs are created by many different talented individuals. Benefit: What benefit does my brand bring to my customers? Blob T-Shirts are available to internet users and provides customers with an alternative to high street shopping brands. Our products can also be bought as a quirky or unique gift. Territory: The world my brand belongs in. Online T-Shirt sales. Youth culture

Unique clothing
Fun Clothing

Value: My Company’s values – what we believe in giving our customers a product with a difference. Providing a platform for artists to develop their creative talents. Establishing a customer friendly business that values interaction with our customer base. We believe in the fair trade production of our products and would strive to maintain all industry standards. Role: What role does my company play in society or customer’s lives? We are an addition to the massive...
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