Dirt - Terence Mclauhlin

Topics: Clothing, Emotion, Exercise Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: April 2, 2013
For the first example, in the summer, the temperature is time about 28-34 degrees in most of time , and in the future, it will become hotter. If we still go shopping or walk on the street for a few minutes, we will feel very harsh and we will sweats. Sweating is a normal system to decrease the temperature for our body. However , sweating is dirty. Why they think it is dirty? According to the Terence Mclaughlin, to be dirty, the material has to be hard to remove and unpleasant. In this case, when people are sweating, the clothes will become dirty because it is fully absorbs their sweat.After a while, the clothes stick with their skin, and for some people, their sweat is smelly. This emphasized people that is dirtier. For girls, wear uniform who feel embarrassed when they are sweating because it can pass through their underwear, so sometimes they wear jacket to avoid this situation. It makes them have a slimy feeling. However for people do exercise, they don’t mind sweat, but also want to sweat. For people do it, they have ready to sweat, even all the clothes will be become too wet, and they don’t feel it is unpleasant. As they have already expect this will be happen when do the exercises. Although the clothes are very wet, they don’t have a slimy feeling.. In some case, although the clothes are so dirty, people are mind to touch it, but also they want to get it back. This situation is always happens on some competition. Some famous players had completed their competition, other team player would want to change with their T-shirt, or they would give their T-shirt to their fans. In case, most of their fans really want to get it, but why they don’t think it is dirt? Because they seem that famous players are different for other people who are powerful and have a higher value in society.
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