Discussion. Digital Nation

Topics: Computer, Consumer protection, Cattle Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: November 23, 2012
Discussion 3 Digital Nation

1) In todays technological immersion environment, do you think the good side of it outweighs the bad?
Technological environment is very powerful and complicated to people. The reason is that some people think digital life gives positive and good affections, but the other people consider many people get negative effects by new technologies. However, I think new technological environments gives benefits on people’s life. According to the video, in schools, students study their class by computer programs. Students felt that computing class is less boring than original classes. Also, young students can learn what netiquettes is. Another example was ‘Bubbe cooks’. Through her story, I could find that human’s culture can adopted into technical environment by social services such as twitter, YouTube, and personal blogs.

2) Is customizing the message and targeting resources tailored around consumer preferences and habits a good thing? An efficient use of resources?
Digital nations customize each consumer because many business people try to close to consumers by virtual systems. Virtual systems are a kind of online space. Through the virtual systems, people can imagine their commercial goals and create new situations. Also, they can discover diverse unique situations such as crisis markets. For example, according to World Dairy Expo sais, “Technology has made deep inroads into the world of dairy farming, helping manage day-to-day chores and collecting and analyzing the large batches of data a herd of cattle generates daily” (Grobart 42). It means that digital and technical life influences not only consumers but also many companies. The reason is that many companies can find products and services which have more benefits for their consumers. Also the consumers can satisfy their consumption and the companies, and they believe digital data that is related with the companies. For this reason, consuming data can give much more...
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