Education and Behavior

Topics: Education, Learning, Psychology Pages: 2 (851 words) Published: March 4, 2013
My behavior all year is totally unsatisfactory. I come to class without my stuff every day. I do not do my homework or behave. I am going to be the best person I can be in the future. I know I’m at school to learn, and I must come to class with my homework. I also know that I must keep up with my class work by placing my work on Mr. Gottesmans desk. I know Mr. Gottesman cares about me and wants the very best for me. He never treats me unfairly and never takes off points unnecessarily. By writing this behavior paragraph, I am taking responsibility for what I did. I will choose to be prepared for class in the future and always give my very best. An educations value is more than just dollars and cents. Without knowing how to read and write, speak correctly, and other important skills you learn in education, you would not be able to pursue a successful career. In most cases, a successful education usually leads to a good career. And a good career, that you enjoy, most likely make the person feel happier. In order to obtain our career goals in life, and our fantasy's, and good education should be very much taken advantage of and appreciated. In order to set towards my goal of behaving in class I will tell my friends that I will behave in clan, and not get in trouble. They will laugh but I truly want to stay in Mr. Gottesmans class. I will be prepared for class. All my necessary supplies out and ready. That’s includes pencil, paper, and my vocab textbook. I will try not to be annoying other people around me as that will disrupt the class. I usually don’t sleep, burp, fart, or pick at myself or clothes during class because I know it’s disgusting and disrespectful. Even if someone else is misbehaving I will not follow what they are doing. I will try to stay in my seat the entire time and follow the teacher’s rules, and only talk when I am called on. I made a list of things I should not do and why: Doodling: because that will make me miss what the teacher is saying and...
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