Education and Students

Topics: Education, Teacher, Remembrance Day Pages: 4 (1591 words) Published: November 10, 2013
Theme Lesson Plan: Remembrance Day
Grade Level: 2
Time Limit: 30 minutes
Subject: Social Studies
Outcomes: 2-KC-003 Describe Remembrance Day as a time to think about peace and war. Assessment:
Performance Assessment: I will anecdotally assess the students based on the following: participation about peace, asking questions relating to Remembrance Day, and make the right observation throughout the lesson. Summative Assessment:

Instructional Strategies:
Activate: Ask my student what is Remembrance Day is to them. Then I will read a remembrance poem to the class. Acquire: I will ask the students what are the negative things that they would remove from this world in order for it become peaceful. Then I will write down each student’s response and place it into an envelope. After each student contributed, I will throw the envelope out. By me doing that it symbolizes throwing away all the negative problems in the world. Apply: I will brainstorm with the student what peace is. I will explain that peace is the opposite of negative problems in the world. I will ask each student what does peace look and feel like. If there enough time I will allows student to work on their poppy craft that related to the lesson. Instructions:

Each student will have the option to choose between red or white construction paper they want. The students will get the choice to choose which two colors they want. The students create four small hearts for each poppy they will be making. Once the students cut out the heart, they can be arranged to create a poppy shape. Each student will get a green construction paper and cut out a small circle. After cutting the circle then fasten the hearts and circle together with glue and create a poppy. Grouping: The class will brainstorm as a whole

Configuration/ seating: Students will sit on the floor while I’m teaching and then will be instructed to sit in their desks to create their own poppy. Different Ways of Learning:
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