Education in Rome

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Why was the Roman education system successful? In Ancient Rome, an important thing to obtain was a proper education. As Roman children grew, they were taught lessons from their parents, teachers, and tutors. Sadly, poor and unfortunate children were only taught to work from childhood. Prosperous children learned valuable lessons. Ancient Rome didn’t have the tools we have today in our classrooms. They were inventive and creative with their writing tools. In fact, not only writing tools, but education itself has evolved immensely since the Romans have ruled.

When children in Rome were educated, they learned skills for the future. Unfortunately, poor families couldn’t afford to properly educate their kids, and their children were expected to work for a living from an early age. In Ludus, which is also known as primary school, rich children at seven years old were educated in writing, reading, and arithmetic. Assuming that girls only needed basic skills, families pulled their daughters out of school at age eleven, so their mothers could teach them to cook, to clean, and to prepare for marriage. Boys continued to be schooled. Secondary school or Grammaticus, taught boys more advanced subjects like Greek and Roman literature, geometry, history, geography, astrology, music, and philosophy. If pupils desired to pursue a career in law or politics, they studied rhetoric at fourteen. Besides secondary school and primary school, prosperous parents could have also had their kids educated at home by a tutor for academic subjects. Outdoor skills like horse-riding, swimming, and fighting with weapons and armor were taught by the father. Necessary skills were given to children in Rome through all forms of education.

Fear was a great motivator to learn and achieve stellar grades in Ancient Rome. In Ancient Rome, primary and secondary schools were usually from dawn until noon without a break and set up...
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