Education Reflection

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Reflection of Education

Traits that are valued in nurse educators :
Traits that value and nurse educators are some of the same traits that I value and good nurses. The ability to communicate with people on the level in which they are comfortable. Being able to care and show empathy, but still stand firm in what must be done, and getting it done. The ability to involve people, be it students or patients, with their learning and understanding of the information they are being given.

Important Responsibilities as a Learner:
Responsibilities as a learner is dependent on what is being learned. The most important responsibility for myself as a learner, is to be able to implement what I have learned. The inability to implement what you have learned in my opinion means you have not learned what you needed in order to transfer classroom skills. The next important responsibility for a learner is to be able to express to a teacher that they are not understanding what is being taught. It is the learner's responsibility to communicate when they are not understanding what is being taught or expressed in class.

Describes a Setting in Which to have, an educator role and Two Goals: At this time. I am an instructor at a small two-year college in the LPN to RN bridge program. This position is still new to me as I have still started in January of 2012. We have three sections, with each section having 20 students being taught on different days. My first goal is to be able to learn better ways to incorporate NCLEX blueprint into all of my curriculum. When I came into the program January, the previous instructor had taken everything with her, so I started with nothing. My second goal is to be able to understand and differentiate between good to know and need to know. This goes back to my first goal in the fact that involving the blueprint will guide my curriculum. The expansion in the classroom of the NCLEX blueprint, I believe is vital in preparing my students in the best...
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