Elizabethan Era

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Men’s Fashion in the Elizabethan Era

The Elizabethan era was known in part for its clothing styles and fashion particularly on men because there were numerous articles of clothing for men to wear in a complete outfit. In that particular era, people had to dress according to their position in society because, “distinctions between classes of clothes were affected by wealth and status”, (Oslen, 137). Men’s fashion in the Elizabethan era was much different than the fashion now because back then, the tailors had many different layers of clothing for men to wear. The first layer would usually be a camicia, which is a plain white shirt worn as an undergarment. There would also be stockings or hoses, they are both similar articles and are designed like tights. The next layer would be a vest or a doublet in which sleeves are attached for the upper body. For the lower body there is typically a breech or a skirt. Designed for the last layer are generally a robe, beret and shoes. The robes are mostly, “made from twisted hemp fibers also used on sailor ships”, (Oslen, 585). Compared to the fashion nowadays we mostly wear two layers of clothing, undergarments and jeans and shirt. The fashion for men in the Elizabethan era has evolved tremendously and is reflected on the fashion in present day. Although it has altered a great deal, we still appreciate the clothing styles and develop modern fashion from it. It’s a new era of fashion, but fashion is made to become unfashionable.


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