Ethic Trends of 1970s

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Era : Early 1970s

Trend : Ethnic clothes

Impact on fashion trend or history:

There was no acute impact or revolution in fashion trends, as result the popular trends in late 1960s continued into 1970s. Much of hippie style had been integrated into mainstream American society by the early 1970s. The Mexican peasant blouses, tunic and Indian fabrics were still popular. The Also, the seventieth was a individualism decade. Everyone could wear anything anywhere so that the first phase of early 70s was a period of confusion in fashion trend.

Cause :

Black power in early 1970s

The American Civil Rights movement in the early 1970s leaded the African American began embracing their heritage, ethnic fashions gained popularity. Many blocks adopted traditional African style such as dashikis, afros, corn rows. The dashikis and corn rows had moved into the mainstream in mid-1970s and were worn by white as well.

People focus on the East

The magazine was focus on the eastern such as “In February 1972 Vogue’s spotlight was on China. In June Vogue said : ’Go East! Collect flowers of Japanese culture.’”(

Influence of Japanese designers

Another young Japanese designer - Kenzo Takada had strong influence on fashion starting from mid-1970s. His layered look influenced to peasant and called ‘ethnic ‘clothes later.

Distinctive movement of fashion

In early 1970s, many designers revolt against the status quo in society such as Karl Lagerfeld, Laura Ashley. The distinctive movement of fashion which in the 1970s, was to find its new trends well away from any adaptation or revival of past lines or look. Instead there were moves towards the ethnic, to the adoption of eastern trends, of peasant styles from far places, garments unknown to western fashion such as djellabhs, caftans, flowing tunics.

Influence in Hippie fashion

The hippie fashion of early 1970s, had brought the clothes of other ethnic groupings that had often never even been seen before in the west. Nehru jackets and loose flowing robes from hot countries made their way to world cities. By the helped of designers like Yves St Laurent, the ethnic clothes permeated down to mainstream fashion in mid-1970s.

Style :

Layered peasant look, Westernwear and caftans, kaftans, kimonos, muumuus, djellaba (a Moroccan robe with a pointed hood) or jalabiya (a loose eastern robe) and other styles from every part of the Indian sub continent and Africa, were translated into at home style robes and comfort wear. They were worked in every fabric imaginable, but were especially suited as glamour dressing when sewn in exotic fabrics and edged in silver, gold or other metallic embroidered trims.

Every type of ethnic image set a trend.

Shilhouettes :

swung and flared away from the body hiding the waist

Items :

Indian cotton voile dresses, quilted jackets, flared and bell bottom trousers, Cheesecloth clothes, Real blouses began to appear beneath short bell, or just above elbow knitwear, crochet waistcoats, Gypsy tops, Tibetan and Chinese quilted jackets and square armhole waistcoats, in mix and match prints, softly pleated skirts, peasant style skirts

Colors :

vivid and striking bright pinks, sea greens and wonderful shades of cornflower blues, tiny pink or baby blue and white checks

Details :

Afghan coats which were decorated and embroidered and bordered in fur, Sheepskin fur cuffs, front bands gave a romantic Russian look to clothes, eyelets with lacing, oversized ric rac braid with false bib parts of blouses, lower sleeves became fuller and fuller or left opened as an angel sleeve, edging of the sleeve was the bordered fabric used in the main body of the garment, Gypsy tops with drawn up necklines trimmed with bells and puffed sleeves

Fabrication :

cotton voile, chiffons, Broderie Anglaise, tiny pink or baby blue and white checks


Oriental print, cotton voile dresses overprinted in gold by Phool, richly patterned and...
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