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Topics: Risk, Management, Business school Pages: 5 (1620 words) Published: September 26, 2011
---------------------------------------------------------------- Question No 1: What are the key factors for the success of this business? Answer No 1: Heather Evans, a Harvard Business School graduate, had major interest in the fashion industry; as she had some background in the same industry, where she worked as a financial analyst at “Morgan Stanley” and as an assistant to a designer clothing firm. Because of the experience gained, she was sure and truly convinced that she could run a dress company. The main aim of heather Evans was to create a company that design clothing line for professional women who better fits their life-style, its focus was to sell high-priced, high-quality dress-and- jacket combinations for women, ages 27 to 45. Heather Evans has accomplished what she dreamt of, heather Evans label is now serving accessories, leisure clothing, and office-wear for a different, wider customer group, and all at low-price. Few factors were very important that lead Heather towards accomplishment. When she started her business it was an unmet and fast growing market. She recognized the need for a new look for professional women. She knew very well, the needs of those business women which she was targeting. She had an understanding of the appropriate limits in the formal office environments. She used her experience to encourage her customers. Another vey important factor was the increasing number of professional women who contributed to both, their own growth and to the growth of the market. She gave her customer choices depending upon their requirements in clothing. Social trends had also changed; more women had inclined towards working in offices. She conceived a style of clothing, based primarily on dresses, which better fitted the life style of professional women. Heather Evans collection contained clothes appropriate for the conservative workplace, unlike other designers. She also gained confidence of the target market through identifying her own background with their lives. She also worked as a model at fords, so she had the experience to project herself through the media. Last but not the least competition was also considerably beneficial to Heather Evans. Question No 2: What are the possible risks that you can foresee for Heather Evans? Answer No 2: The possible risks that I can foresee for Heather Evan are: 1. Design risk: The risk associated with the design process was that, the design process took 9 months, which was a long period. Which might delay the production process and it might also stuck all the further stages required for the manufacturing of other lines 2. Financial risk: To start a business, it is very necessary to get loans, and getting loans isn’t an easy job. Arranging loan for a new business is quite a tough job. 3. Sales risk: Ms. Evans cannot accurately predict future sales growth further than the introductory period because people might not like the design or the quality of the outfit. 4. Inflation risk: With the increase in inflation, the prices of all the other things associated with her business will also rise. Inflation risk is a major risk for her business that can affect her pricing strategy. 5. Liquidity Risk: The risk of liquidation of the company is also present, where she can lose more than what she has invested. 6. Environment uncertainty risk: Changes in the general trend and reduction in the number of business women can affect the company’s revenue. 7. Seasonal risk: Because of the season collection, she has high risk associated with her business, due to the season change, she has less time to sell her clothes and when the season is about to end she would have to start the clearance sale which will reduce her profit. 8. Market risk: Any change in trend cab cause problems for the business of heather Evans, as her business is based on fashion industry, and she designs clothes keeping in mind the current trends. And the presence of competitors following the same strategy can...
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