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Exploratory Research Report
Ho Chung Hymn David

Ms Paula Dootson
Wednesday 10-11am

Word count: 1898

ii. Table of Contents

iii. Abstract
This report illustrates the consumer behavior on purchasing fashionable products. Firstly, it will briefly explain the importance of research and showing the aims and objectives. Secondly, it will discuss how this research process has been conducted and sample considerations of the report, also will included analytical considerations. Thirdly, will mentioned ethical considerations for the research process. Then in the second part of the report will be analyzing the similarities and difference on the responses of the three different age groups (18-31years, 32-48years and 49-65years). Lastly, this report will be concluded with recommendations and its limitation.

1. Introduction and Background
1.1 Importance of the research
Researching is an important process for a higher level of understanding towards target. Based on marketing aspects, Sheffield (2012) stated that marketing research will assist new or existing business growth. To be more specifically toward market research, we are focusing on consumer behavior towards their needs and wants. This report is considered as qualitative which is supported by Clark (2009), it defined that qualitative research is unstructured, and will adopted exploratory research methodology based on small samples. Furthermore, secondary data are being used in this report, which is data that collected by other researchers. The benefit to adopting secondary data is cost efficiency. To specify on secondary data, it is limited by a target group of sample. Although it will brings out further understanding by collecting respondents’ experiences and opinions, there are limitations where exploratory research method will not provide conclusive evidences which is supported by Mansourian (2008). Moreover, it is important to use with caution, as the data has to match with the topic of the report. 1.2 Scope of the report

The scope of this report is determined by English speaking adults within Australia and is also divided in three age groups with male and female which are 18-31years, 32-48years, and 49-65years on a target that based on consumer behavior of fashions. The limitation of the report will be regional and the range of age group. 1.3 Research problem/question

Market segments should be carefully researched for important differences suggested by the view of traditional segmentation, and strategies should be accordingly to the specific segment. Consumers’ preferences are often quite similar under mass marketing when a product is marketed in the same direction to all segments. From the perspective of researching questions that related on fashion products, there are three aspects which included the most suitable approach, the drivers of purchasing behavior and similarities or differences between the drivers and market segments. 1.4 Aims and Objectives

This report is aim to exploring qualitatively towards fashion clothing purchase behaviors’ drivers. And the objectives included, to unifying the types of clothing that are perceive as fashionable or unfashionable by consumers, then will provide examples to explain the outcome. Furthermore, societal values will be examined on how it leads to fashion clothing purchases. Then will identify what factors will effected the motivation of consumers on purchasing fashion clothing and to understand the consumers behavior on fashion clothing. 2. Method

2.1 Methodological considerations and assumptions
Exploratory research is the type of research that conducted in this report. According to Mansourian (2008), exploratory research is an initial research to identify a problem where it is rather focus on understanding than measuring. Moreover, it is an unstructured study of a small sample. It also has a nature which a perceived...

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