Exploring Textile and Fashion Designing as a Profession

Topics: Design, Human, Textile Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: March 6, 2013
The 21st century marks the beginning of a new textile revolution – one that is smart, invisible, sustainable, ethical and poetic.. Rapid changes in culture, economics and technology need dynamic designers who can propose and realise intelligent, responsible innovations with strategic thought, leadership and personal vision. The vibrant and exciting fashion and textiles industries contribute significantly to the national and global economies. They affect our daily lives, allow us the opportunity for self-expression and define how we are perceived. I aim to specialize in the art of designing. While working as a textile designer I realize that fashion has played a vital role in taking the textile sector on the way of progress.

Textile and Fashion designing is a rewarding profession relating physical properties of textiles to the human need for fashionable and functional clothing and home accessories. This option combines the art of design, the science of chemistry and the perspective of history in a rich, challenging learning environment that prepares individuals for dynamic careers at the creative forefront of the textile industry.

Fabric is the most important need of a human life. Your wearing defines your personality and your nature. It is one of the most important thing which is so essential for a person. The type of fabric, design and style that a person carry reflects his life story and surrounding. I believe that textile is a central and important ingredient for fashion and the relationship between the two should be an obvious theme for study. . I want to explore new materials, processes, technologies and design methodologies and will use textiles as a platform to critically interrogate our sustainable future, trend forecasting, branding, fashion, and craft futures.

Being a textile designer I realize the evolving significance of fashion in the textile sector and I plan to do masters in textile and fashion designing, to analyze cultural, industrial...
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