Farm to Fork vs. Panera Bread

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Farm to Fork versus Panera Bread, which to choose ? Both Farm to Fork and Panera Bread are fantastic restaurants to eat. These restaurants are similar in the fact that they are both sit down- American food restaurants, but they are different in many other aspects. Although, they both serve American food each one is still a very different kind of food. Along differing in the type of food the restaurants serve, they differ in customers, employees, and uniforms.

At Farm to Fork they serve more Southern type American foods. All of which are grown and raised locally and made fresh everyday. From the fresh from the garden string beans, red-skinned mashed potatoes, squash and zucchini mix to the medallions and chicken. None of their foods ever get induced with hormones or MSG. With all of the very friendly employees that are really interested in the customers and what's going on in their lives, Farm to Fork is an excellent place to take the family, young or old. While at Farm to Fork customers are always greeted at the door with a smile and nice warming “welcome!” and then quickly hosted to a table where they will be waited on by one of their amiable waitress'. The employees are always stopping to talk with the customers for at least a few minutes. And no matter how busy they may be, the employees are always friendly and have a smile on their face. At Farm to Fork, the employees wear a very casual uniform simply including a t-shirt and bluejeans. Having the employees wear a simple, casual uniform allows customers to feel very at home and never like they are under dressed.

Although, Panera Bread also serves American food, it is very different from the Southern foods at Farm to Fork. At Panera Bread they are famous for their delicious hot soups and all he different types of pastries, but they also serve cold sandwiches and salads. Panera Bread is not so much somewhere to take the family, especially with young children. But it is an excellent place if some girl...
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