Fashion: Clothing and Beauty Aids

Topics: Clothing, Fashion, Trousers Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Fashions may be defined as way of living, decorating, etc., which are popular today, which are popular today, but which would soon lose their popularity. It is something passing and transitory, a mere craze of the moment to be looked down upon with contempt. For example, tight pants are the fashion today, but only a short while ago broad loose pants were the order of the day. If today a man appears in society wearing broad pants, he would be held up to ridicule, but only a few years ago they were the height of fashion, symbols of good taste and culture. Fashion is a tyrant; no tyrant is greater than that of fashion. Everyone tries to imitate the latest fashions. The youth specially are mad after it. They would not mind any expenditure to be in fashion. They must have their clothes cut according to the latest vogue, their hair made up according to the latest style, even if this places a heavy burden on their parents. Many of them realize that a particular fashion would soon pass away; even then they waste their money over it. Costly articles of dress are often discarded, only because the fashion has passed away. Girls, specially educated ones, are the worst sinners in this respect. They are crazy after Sarees of the latest prints, ornaments of the latest designs, and other beauty aids which many happen to be popular at a particular time. Often, the entire family has to suffer owing to their craze for fashion. Many family discords and quarrels may be traced to this tyrant. Such is the tyranny of fashion that the fashion-drunk do not even care for their personal convenience. Popular articles of dress are often worn even if they make bodily movement difficult, and put the wearer to great hardship. Girls wear tight clothes, as tight as possible, even though the dress is entirely inconvenient. They are not move about in comfort, or to attend to their house-hold work, but still tight dresses are worn because others also use them. They do not even care for modesty and...
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