Fashion: Clothing and Trend

Topics: Clothing, 20th century, Fashion Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: November 15, 2013
Fashion is another trend where we can see drastic changes from the olden days to modern times. Fashion is defined as a popular trend specifically in clothes, footwear, accessories and makeup. Generally, it is about how people dress themselves so that they are presentable to others.

One of the biggest difference is definitely because of the changes in technology of textiles. Textile in general has evolved in many unimaginable ways during early of the 20th century and this includes how fabrics can be used and shaped. Aside from that, the choice of fabrics used in the olden days and modern days also varies. For instance, people of the olden days often prefer silk whereas in the modern days people use cotton, polyester and even leather to make clothes.

Another important aspect that led to the difference in fashion trend is the changes in society. People nowadays will prefer to wear something simple, casual, comfortable and effortless. In the olden days, many clothes required complicated wearing methods and some might also caused discomfort to the person wearing it. For example, the corset trend which became famous during the 16th century is difficult to wear without the help of another person. Furthermore, it’s tight structure and the material used to make it will caused pain and discomfort. Modern trend nowadays are mostly t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and they are easy and comfortable to wear.

However, despite the differences, there are also some similarities between the old and modern fashion trends. Fashion is said to be a form of art which recycles itself. This simply means a trend from the past may still become a trend again in the future. One good example is the high-waisted pants trend. This trend was popular up until to 1990s and today we can see that this trend has been reignited. On the other hand, another trend nowadays is going vintage. Thus, anything old or looks old may just be considered in style. Another similarity between the old and new...
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