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Fashion is defined as a style of dress that is popular during a certain time or era. It does not coordinate only towards clothing. It also coordinates hair styles, make-up and music. Each of these depends on the type of clothing chosen. Even though fashion reflects a person's social class in old days, it has been reflecting personality for half a century. Music, TV programs and ideologies started to influence the people. We can tell a lot about a person by the way that they are dressed. Because of the new trends, there have been some significant changes in fashion after the 1960’s to 2000’s.

60s was a decade that broke many fashion traditions. Before the 60s, teenagers dressed like their parents. Young people had power and they wanted to have a say on what was going on at that particular time. The best way to do this was through the music. Therefore, singers influenced fashion in a way like never before. To exemplify, The Beatles were fashion icons and many copied their long hair. Others imitated the rebellious look of Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones. Also Hippie look was formed. Both sexes wore frayed bell-bottomed jeans, tie-dyed shirts and colorful headbands. Wearing sandals was also part of the Hippie look. At the same time, women wore suits, usually in pastel colors, with short boxy jacket and oversized buttons in general. Simple, geometric dresses were also in style.

1970s fashion was sharply characterized by several distinct fashion trends that have left an indelible image of the decade commemorated in popular culture. Two of these were platform shoes and flared trousers. Platform soles were mainly worn by women and more fashionable men. In addition, mini-skirts were popular and the flower power influence was everywhere. Longer dresses, inspired by the hippy era of the late sixties, were also in fashion. Printed t-shirts were also increasingly popular in the 70s, as were trainers and canvas shoes. This style has...
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