Fashion Identity

Topics: Clothing, Middle Ages, Sociology Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: November 16, 2011
Title: What do our clothes say about who we are or who we think we think we are? How does the way we dress communicate messages about our identity?

Today, clothing is a good symbol of people’s rising pursuing of fashion and beauty. It is so important to people’s daily life and it can perfectly embody who people are, who they are not, and who they would like to be. People can accurately judge one’s age group, personality, social status and identity by observing his dressing. The sage said: the heart of loving beauty exists everywhere. Everyone has his right of pursuing beauty, which reflected in a good taste of dressing matching that appeal to all age groups. Crane (2000:34) believes that the attitude of different societies towards the body and how much of it should be displayed is also important. For example, if a girl in the Middle ages had worn a mini-skirt she would have been regarded as either mad or wicked, social standards change from age to age from country to country.Therefore, a harmonious looking is crucial. As to age, different age group has different clothing code. Dressing of people with bright-colored, vivacious and casual do suits the younger for it is an embodiment of vigorous and energetic. While the solemn, elegant and tidy dressing goes to the elder better for it is an embodiment of mature and dignified. In people’s daily life, one’s dressing maybe is the most direct method of expressing his individual features and taste. By observing one’s dressing people can judge him is a person with high profile or low profile, happy or unhappy, even the colour he choose can reflect how he feel today. Generally, there are various dressing code, such as careless dresser,flashy dresser,athletic dresser,business dresser and boring dresser, as a result, each of them is so different to the others. For example, a flashy dresser would like to wear what can reflect their personal characteristics and get noticed. In contrast, a boring dresser always wear simple...
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