Fashion in 80's and 50's

Topics: Clothing, Fashion, Trousers Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: November 16, 2010
As time goes by, fashion has had o very big influence on people´s personality features, clothing has become what. Over the 50’s and 80’s decades, it was suffered as many changes as the history its self has had. The main point on this essay is to compare or contrast the 80’s and 50’s fashion tendencies, and representative trends. First of all, I found remarkable to notice that during the 50’s, clothing could have the opproral of trousers and jeans for ladies and that elegance has been one very important thing since then. About the 80’s decade, we notice that some representative trends during this time, were detirelely the shirts and dresses that had shoulder pads. Second of all, I’m going to explain some accessories currents that did lead these periods of time. I want to make a point on accessories importance. We can see how accessories have had a significant valve for humans through the history, and how these weaning have been changed. During the 80’s, jewelry came out with charm bracelets, especially the ones that held gold charm, on the 50’s decade, the fashion accessories that headed this market, were big bags, flower, stripes, sports and abstracts shapes trends. Over the 50’s, Christian Dior came up as come of the very important designers in Europe, by the way he used to design the princess trends. During the 80’s, rock fashion was positioned as the biggest influence on this period. It brought the long hair, platinum and blonder, hair dying, glitters, lots of makeup, sexual ambiguity and fight jeans. All the all, Hollywood has always been a huge fashion model. Fashion market, has pretty much always been, created and directed mainly to women. Colorful stuff was always been created for men. To finish, the must identify the importance of these two decades since they have been the most meaningful periods of time on fashion history and what today gives us most tendencies and influence to design new trends and current.
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