Fashion in Early 1900s and Today

Topics: Clothing, Gender, Trousers Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Society in the early 1900’s for woman was that their role in society was to stand by their man and do housework. When countries got involved in WW1, men were shipped off to the frontlines and women often got involved in factories and other jobs left open by the men that left. When the war ended, women were able to return to working in the home, and that opened up jobs for men. Because of this woman wore clothes for work and it was seen as inappropriate to show anything above the ankle. These days the role of a woman is basically equal to that of a man. People have found it socially acceptable for woman to wear more revealing clothes that show legs, arms, back and shoulders. Society these days does not try to discriminate on what people wear therefore it is acceptable to wear more revealing clothes than back in the early 1900s. Women's clothing after 1900 became lighter and lighter in construction and materials. Cotton and wool was most commonly used. A popular style in this period was the "Lingerie Dress" a feather-light white cotton dress inset with strips of open work lace and net. Today there is a big range of materials used for clothing such as silk, polyester, spandex, leather, fur, denim etc. In the past all clothing had been made by hand in the home. But the introduction of the sewing machine combined with the factory system allowed for the mass production of clothing in the nineteenth century. Today clothing is usually mass produced by machinery. The media used to advertise fashion in the early 1900s was trade cards which are an early example of today’s business cards. Today fashion is advertised in magazines, on TV, internet and in catalogues. The design elements in fashion of the early 1900s usually had clothing with straight line patterns and Victorian patterns. The Victorian patterns have wavy, curled lines with sharp points. The dresses had a popular ‘S-bend’ shape with corsets. The colours for casual clothes weren’t very bright or vibrant but were...
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