Fashion in the 1930’s

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1930’s Fashion (:

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April 4, 2012
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Fashion in the 1930’s
Have you ever wondered how fashion was back then in the 1930’s? If you ask me, I thought it was amazingly beautiful. They were so creative, unique and old-fashion, that’s what is called real fashion . That’s just my opinion. I’m interested in the different designs they have on the clothing, how they are cut, and what they wear with what type of other clothing on. “The women’s fashion back then was much more lady-like” . ( ) The little girls fashion was mostly cute dresses with flats. Men’s fashion was more formal back then. In 1930’s many families could not afford new clothes. Designers responded to these terrible issues and started creating more ready-to-wear outfits in fabrics that wasn’t so expensively and used cotton and rayon. It all depended on if you had the money to afford the best clothing material or not, either way they were both so unique because it was hand made. Hand made is the best look anybody could have. Accessories most women would on was gloves and pocketbooks. Beads and fur was still popular back then they would wear fox furs over the shoulders or arm. Long narrow coats with fur collars were also stylish. “” Women would mainly have clothing in red, navy, white, and black. Marilyn Monroe was most famous in the 1930’s she was beautiful she had the most fashion in that time. She was many people’s heroes and role models. She had everything that everybody wanted. “The most famous designers in 1930 were Elsa Schiaparelli and Madeleine Vionnet.”

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( ) Proms were first mentioned in high school year books in 1930’s-1940’s

Men fashion was very formal and businesey back then. “ The sensation of...
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