Fashion Industry

Topics: Clothing, Haute couture, Fashion Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Essay question: Does the fashion industry exist mainly to persuade people to spend money on things they do not need? In my opinion,the fashion industry do not not exist mainly to persuade people to spend money on things they do not need. Everybody is free to decide if they want to spend money on fashion or not. First of all, we have to understand: what is fashion industry? With its beginnings in the late 17th century, the fashion industry is a globalized sector that works to meet the demand for apparel and dictates the trends for what should be worn. This industry consists of five distinct and separate levels. These levels are haute couture, luxury wear, affordable luxury wear, mainstream clothing, and discount clothing. The production part of the industry, that which takes the concept for a piece of apparel all the way to the hands of those who purchase it, is made up of four basic sectors. These sectors include producers of the goods necessary to make the apparel, those who create the pieces, those who advertise and market the goods, and those who sell the goods. According to the concept of fashion industry, we realize that the fashion industry based on man’s demand to exist. The demand is higher so the fashion industry is higher too. The market is government by the law of supply and demand. That is why we can not agree with the essay question. In the society, there are many living standards. People who live in or below poverty line they use mainstream clothing, and discount clothing. People who have high living standard they can spend money on haute couture, luxury wear, affordable luxury wear whatever they think its suitable with their pocket. Some people look at fashion as another form of artistic expression, and as a way to allow people to express their individuality. Without the fashion industry, we wouldn't have a field of business where first a person can create unique forms of apparel, and then be able to sell them to those who want to do more with...
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