Fashion Industry of Pakistan

Topics: Fashion, Clothing, Cotton Pages: 84 (28850 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Pakistan Fashion Apparel Industry|
Analysis of Pakistani Industry|

Submitted to:
Ms. Mehwish Ghulam Ali
Submitted By:
Ali Qasim
Saad Nasir Chandna
Sohaib Waseem
Wali Haider


Ms. Mehwish Ghulam Ali
Course Instructor,
Analysis of Pakistani Industry,
Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi.

We take pleasure in submitting to you this academic report. It mainly aims to study the processes and mechanisms involved in The Pakistani Fashion Apparel Industry as well as providing an apt analysis from our point of view. The Pakistani Fashion Apparel Industry is a rapidly growing one owing to the rising trends in fashion. Therefore, this report aims to analyze the competitiveness of this Industry. The domestic market will be looked at for the most part and we will also compare this with the International demand. Organizations looking for data on the Fashion Apparel Industry in Pakistan will find this report particularly useful, since it is rare that a report analyzing the fashion industry is presented. It also acts as an informative resource material for any reader interested in knowing more about this emerging industry in Pakistan.

Ali Qasim
Saad Nasir Chandna
Sohaib Waseem
Wali Haider


We would like to start by praising the Almighty Allah, the Supreme Being who bestowed profound perseverance and ability on us, which drove us to draft and complete this report. We wish to thank Mr. Amir Adnan, Miss Sana Maskatiya, Mr. AdilMoosajee (CEO Ego) and Miss Samar Mehdi for their precious time and patience to our endless questions. We also express our profound and cordial gratitude to our learned teacher, Ms Mehwish Ghulam Ali, for her valuable guidance throughout the semester. We also thank those reading this for giving due consideration on this report.

Outlook 2010 and beyond6
Fashion as an Industry:14
How do you know what will be the in-thing the future?20
Processes in Fashion:20
Role of Media:20
Trends in the Fashion Industry:22
Raw Materials24
The Importance of Quality Textiles in the Fashion Industry:24
Cotton as a major raw material:25
Constraints of the textile industry:25
Advanced Factors:26
Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PDFC)27
Fashion Designing Colleges in Pakistan28
Schools of Fashion29
Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD),30
Hajvery University31
Karachi School of Textile & Fashion Designing31
National College of Arts Lahore (NCA Lahore)31
Indus Valley School32
The Asian Institute of Fashion Design33
Brand building36
The Importance of Branding in Fashion37
Uniqueness of marketing fashion38
Marketing Fashion38
How are Brands different from Products?38
The Luxury Brand System39
Value Addition Process in Fashion Marketing:39
How local demand differ from international demand39
Fashion Councils41
Fashion Shows:44
Fashion Event Management:45
Celebrities Gossip Shows & Interviews:45
Shoes and handbags:46
Film and Drama:46
Dyeing and coloring:47
Pakistani Fashion Schools48
Major Players48
Amir Adnan48
Junaid Jamshed50
HSY (Hassan Shehreyar Yasin)51
Hajra Hayyat52
How it formed what it is today:53...
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