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Topics: Trousers, Jeans, Space exploration Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: February 16, 2014
Fashion: A Definitive History of Costume & Style
Chapter 9—Swinging Sixties to Glam Rock Study Guide
What inspired this new look, what was society’s reaction, who were some of the influential designers, and how did women accessorize these looks? Miniskirt
Handbags—as fashion statement and their varying materials and features Twiggy—her distinctive look and contributions to fashion Describe the mood of the 1960s and how the mood manifested itself in the clothing of the period Describe the influence of space exploration on fashion. Who were some of the designers to be inspired by this look and how did they capture the new space age in clothing? Eveningwear—describe the look and name some of the designers noted for their evening looks for women Biba (Barbara Hulankcki)—describe the influence on fashion and characteristics of the design Women begin to wear pants—who are the influential designers and what events inspire women to begin wearing pants? Jeans

Platform shoes Bell-bottoms
Describe the influence of pop culture on fashion during the late 1960s. Velvet cords Hipster trousers
Fontenoy’s flares
Pucci ties
Describe to look of the new dandies that appeared in the late 1960s Yves St Laurent—describe the characteristics of his designs and his influence on fashion Hippies! Describe the mood and influences of this subculture. What did their clothing convey? Describe the fashion of the Hippie Long floral printed dress or “floor-skimmers” Wedges

Jean Muir—describe her look and influences on fashion
What defined the stylish casual look of the 1970s? Missoni—describe the look and style Describe the mood of the 1970s and how the mood manifested itself in the clothing of the period Name some of the designers and celebrities that influenced the look of the 1970s
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