Fashion with Some Individuality

Topics: Clothing, Ralph Lauren, Individualism Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: September 21, 2008
Fashion consists of trends that constantly change over time which reflect the preferences of a group. Clothing brands like Volcom®, Polo Ralph Lauren®, Quicksilver®, Aeropostale®, American Eagle®, and Abercrombie & Fitch® are commonly sported by students at our school. In addition, Khamakazi Klothing T-shirts are popular among select eighth grade students, which were made by the brother of our very own Abeed Rahman, and are no longer in production. Thankfully, the original creators have decided to start a new label called Elafant Apparel. While most of these labels and the good majority of the clothes they produce are stylish, few students dare to wear less common products of these brands. Fashion is one of the most noteworthy areas in which our student body lacks individuality. In this journalist’s opinion, a key rule in fashion is to maintain one’s individuality. Separating yourself from the crowd is the goal of anyone who wishes to be truly couture. The standards at our school are very general, and leave much room for interpretation. Our student body has the potential to cultivate a vast arena of tasteful fashion that would allow for a fair amount of individualism, even under the restrictions set by the dress code you must follow. The question is, “How to maintain your individuality, and create an acceptable sense of fashion?”

Below are several general guidelines you can follow to create a unique style that asserts your individuality: Do’s
• Command your style. Your style is what you want to say about yourself on a visual level and to some, this is more powerful than verbal expression. Your appearance is a large part of the impression you may give someone. • Pick less common colors. Some of the best colors you can pick are variations of more common colors. The more varied and less common, the more individualistic, and usually the more fashionable. • Don’t be afraid to mix and match it. Mixing and matching different...
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