Fashionable Clothes

Topics: Clothing, Fashion, Pollution Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: August 26, 2012
"Fashion" can be defined as form or style in dressing. One may think that fashion is a twenty-first century phenomenon. But a close look at the subject will reveal that fashion has come into being since man started in ancient civilizations. Now, since times have changed, the fashions are also undergoing a rapid and revolutionary transformation. Fashionable clothes are contemporary fashion trend that appears in the market at a point and vanishes off within a short period of time and also takes a little time to be produced. In my opinion, this phenomenon has negative effects. First and foremost, wearing fashionable clothes might give rise to financial burden to consumers. Most fashionable clothes are directed to teenagers until middle age groups, especially those teenagers who depend on their parents financially. Not all parents belong to the same background, culture or with same income group, but their children are given pressure from their peers to wear fashionable clothes. Teenagers tend to follow the latest trend of certain type of fashionable clothes, despite the fact that it might be expensive. For their parents, whether they approve it or not, most of the time they have to agree and fulfill their child needs. It is far easier for them to copy what their friends wear. Actors and actresses become their style icons because of their fashionable apparels. However, dressing up in fashion does not help those young people to establish social skills. Next, the environmental impacts of fashionable clothes are well reported with the green house gas emissions, chemical pollution and landfill waste. The growth of cotton, the most widely used natural fiber uses huge amounts of chemicals that present health risks of the workers and also the surrounding environment. Synthetic fibers like polyester which are regularly used for making fashionable clothes require the use of huge amounts of petrol chemicals and releasing all sorts of pollutants into the air creating...
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