Fast Fashion and Its Advantages

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Fast Fashion and its Advantages
Fast fashion goes with the English adage - out of sight, out of mind! Fast fashion defines the different fashion trends in clothing, apparels, jewelry, accessories, etc., that hit the market, hit their peaks and zoot out of sight before you even have time to make up your mind about whether you liked it or not! Here are the advantages of Fast Fashion.

Veni, vidi, vici!
- Julius Caesar 

Followers of fast fashion will agree that the above quote aptly epitomizes fast fashion. It comes, it captivates our minds, and it leaves before we have had enough of it! Fast fashion is the fastest to leave the catwalk and hit the stores. It has been regarded by many as a movement against the normal trend that the fashion industry tends to go by - where a design, or a new product takes a minimum of six months on an average, to go from the first piece crafted for a ramp to the millions produced for the consumers. Fast fashion is for those who like to keep up with the times, and who like to try fresh new styles of clothing every once in a while. The aim of fast fashion brands - like the Spanish retailer Zara - is to monetize the craze for a particular fashion trend before it gets old and before the consumers are besotted by any other competitive, rival or an "anti-trend"!

"Zara" - a Fast Fashion Retailer

One cannot comment on fast fashion and not mention "the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world" (in the words of Daniel Piette, Fashion Director, Louis Vuitton), the Spanish retailer Zara. Founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera in 1975, Zara has captivated the market like no other fast fashion retailer has ever been able to, bringing clothes from the catwalk to the consumer within a staggering period of only two weeks! Zara has given its costumers some really trendy, chic and affordable clothes. Zara's fast fashion apparel is practical, something you and me can wear and not feel awkward or conscious. At the same time, it isn't something that is out-dated or old-fashioned. These traits of Zara are also the traits of fast fashion; chic, trendy, catchy, practical, stylish, unique and yet affordable. A few of the other fashion retailers include United Colors of Benetton, GAP, Forever 21, etc. 

Advantages of Fast Fashion

To the Customer...

... Change is Good!
Fast Fashion helps you try different styles and trends within a short range of time. It helps you change, experiment and revamp your look without having to change your budget much! Fast fashion allows you to be a new you every time you step out to go someplace with your gal pals! They say change is the only constant in life; but I say - change is good. 

... Its FAST!
Being as fast as it is, fast fashion helps you keep up with the here and now. Sometimes we lose interest in something if we get it too late. It happens with everything in life... you wait so long for something to happen, that when it does, it just doesn't mean the same to you. That will never happen if you keep up with fast fashion. Fast fashion gives you instant gratification! well - not instant really; but two weeks is definitely better than having to wait six months!

... Something New - EVERY TIME!
Fast fashion can never become boring, repetitive, plain, old, out-dated... it will continue to make a style statement with every new line, with every new trend, with every product it comes up with. Fast fashion always manages to dazzle the customers and leave them in a daze. It leaves you begging for more! Besides, fast fashion is easy, comfortable and really cool. When was looking all that a problem? 

To the Retailer...

... Conducive to Growth
Being able to successfully establish yourself as a fast fashion retailer requires an exceptionally talented staff, and creative minds beyond which can be imagined. The constant challenge is conducive to growth and can take a retailer to heights that may be envied by other retailers and brands. Being in the...
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