Felt Fabric Company

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A fabric company based on material of felt like 'Silk n Kasmire', high application, good physical qualities but valuable material that has not common usage. The most important feature provides protection against heat and cold and waterproof. This material is a bit expensive because of its hardly production method. It is one of the earliest known woven materials, but felt craft lost its importance in the advance of technology. Nowadays popularity of this material increases reused by designers. Furniture and clothing sector in particular physical features are very popular. Production of certain standards are met within the framework of seals, I believe it will bring great benefit. Firstly it ll be sold to big companies for furniture or textile, after some time there ll be created a brand identity. Clothing, textile poducts, accesories and furniture will be considered in this identity. 1- konunun genel anlatımı_what

2- neden böyle bir konu seçtim? eksik olan birşeyler var bu alanda, bundan bahset_why 3- ürünleri daha detaylı anlat
4- keçe özelliklerini anlat
5- para kaynağı olabilecek kurumlardan bahset_support
6- üretimi için gerekli şartlar_requirement
7- sonuç_result
BUSINESS IDEA Executive summary
Felt.y is a design studio that uses felt materials in all products and complete production of needs. Firstly there will be a design studio which is selling felt goods and sell them fixed prices. After certain time and create some kind of product family in design studio, open chain store some special part of different cities. Products and materials are whole organic , eco-friendly and healty. So the prices will suit these product facilities. Chain stores should be luxury places and address to upper-middle and high class people who care about healty products. Probably, FELT_y has a webe site and customers can use it for online shopping. There are lots of reasons that i chose this material for my project. Firstly i want to talk...
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