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Identity is something that is something that is very important to many people. Identity can be expressed and viewed in many different ways such as through the internet, the clothes you wear the people you hang out with and even by the amount of money you have. Identity is important because depending on how you present yourself to people could be the difference between getting in to a school or even getting a job. For example if you go to a job interview wearing nice clothes and have a positive attitude you are more likely to get that job than if you went in there with basketball shorts and a t-shirt on. The internet can also be a great or horrible place for your identity. Some people make their selves look very presentable maybe even more so than in their real lives. The internet mainly social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and Myspace can cause a person to also be fired from a job, be suspended or in some cases expelled from school and be kicked off extracurricular activities like sports teams and academic teams. In these cases people on these websites might post pictures of the drinking alcohol, taking pictures in places or during times when they shouldn’t be, people could also be taking vulgar pictures and even some of the things that these people say could get them in some serious trouble. I know of this first hand because a couple girls at my high school took pictures of themselves in the bathroom and when the principle found out about the pictures later the girls were suspended. But this is the first of many things that I’ll be explaining about. The next topic is the clothing you wear can also have a great impacted on what people think when they look at you and that is setting your visual identity. Some people judge others by the clothes they wear and choose their identity in that manner. Such as people that wear Nike or other sports brands are usually athletes, people that wear silver and BKE jeans are usually wealthy, people that wear...
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