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Topics: First Crusade, Byzantine Empire, Crusades Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: March 10, 2014
Writing Task 1-summary

In June 1099 an army appeared outside the walls of Jerusalem. Who were they? Why were they there? How did they get there? What had happened along the way? How were they equipped? What did they intend to do? Write a 200-300 word summary

In June 1099 a Christian army appeared outside the walls of Jerusalem. They were the first crusade, set on achieving their one goal; to take Jerusalem from the Muslim population that had settled there over 200 years ago. The crusade had been inspired by the famous speech that Pope Urban II gave, and word had spread that they were going to attempt such a dangerous journey. They had travelled from France, to Antioch and finally, to Jerusalem. The army was mostly made up of important people such as Raymond of Toulouse, Robert Lorraine and Stephen of Blois, who all had small army of retainers; there were also knights and few common people. It had taken the army some time to get to Jerusalem. Their people’s crusade had come to an end abruptly when they defeated enormously by the Turks. The ‘proper’ army then linked with Bohemond in Constantinople. However this did make for a tricky situation when they met with Byzantine’s Emperor Alexis (who had initially called for help to Pope Urban II) to discuss plans as Bohemond had been fighting against the Byzantines only a few years prior. Luckily everything went okay and they agreed to a plan of campaign. The crusaders, who were now accompanied by a small byzantine force departed on their long trip across Asia, laying siege to Nicaea as they passed. They split into two groups as they continued their passage. One of the groups (led by Bohemond) was suddenly ambushed by the Turks, near Doryleaum, who shot arrows at them. Bohemond had to act quickly and ordered his knights to put their horses in out of the firing range and they didn’t fight back. Luckily the other section of the army (led by Raymond) came in time, the Turks thought they had captured the...
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