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Topics: Art, Vogue, Clothing Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Fashion is one of the most passionate divisions of art because it so closely involves the human form. My passion for this industry evolved from my captivation with the corset. I have always been fixated with the human form, fascinated by both the mechanic and poetic aspects of the body. Instead of viewing the corset as a restrictive and manipulative tool, I empathized with the Victorian women who sought to emulate the shape of a flower. This interest spiraled into an understanding of how every textile, stitch, and shape of an article of clothing serves to either exaggerate or minimize the body’s curves. Instead of simply finding fashion as a means of expressing individuality, I fell in love with the ability to shine light on the beauty of human curvature. To further my understanding of the artistic history of the fashion industry, I indulged in a personal library of reference books. I took advantage of every available form of media dedicated to fashion, and eventually created my own collection of inspirations through a blog. Realizing that an artistic input was only one fraction of the skill needed to flourish in fashion, I began exposing myself to the business side of the industry. After modeling locally for three years, I completed my senior year of high school online to work in Manhattan for Next Model Management. This opportunity allowed first hand observance of multiple career paths in the fashion industry, from editorial styling to digital editing. My first-hand look at what each job entailed, plus the chance to hear the stories of passion and motivation from each influential figure created a clear practical image of the fashion industry. Working as a professional at sixteen required quick maturation and adaption to a ravenous city. I learned to easily collaborate with adults twice my age, and communicate my own artistic viewpoints with other professionals who harbored copious years of experience. Discovering exactly how much business sense was required to...
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